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last weekend we made a trip to iowa to visit the willis family who we really have missed since they moved away last summer. we had a great time visiting old friends (the kiddos had a blast, too). their new house is beautiful, we just wish it was a little closer. it was an unbelievably cold weekend, but we couldn’t resist playing outside on saturday at brenda’s parents’ farm. since it was freezing outside, quinn stayed in w/brenda’s family. he was only out for a couple of minutes for a quick picture on the 4 wheeler. trip had a blast, but said that riding the 4 wheeler made his lips hurt (mine, too baby!). trip & i got to sled together (my first memorable sledding adventure) and trip also got to help ‘grandpa charlie’ drive his HUGE tractor. here are a few pics from our day at the farm.

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  1. Gram

    It looks like you had a great time in Iowa. We miss Jason and Brenda, too. I tried to remember when you might have been sledding but the Atlanta metro area doesn’t get much snow :) It would have been great to sled in 1993 when we were in Ringgold and got about 2 FEET of snow, if we hadn’t been worried about being snowbound.

  2. nikki

    Love the slideshow treatment… very cool way to show lots of photos. Looks like the farm was way cold but lots of fun.

  3. Amber

    thats pretty cool with the slideshow. looks like you guys had fun. is this rachel from your wedding? wish my kids could see some snow..

  4. amy

    amber~ no, this is our friend’s little sister. she was so sweet to play with quinn while we froze our butts & lips off outside.

  5. rebecca

    amy pp-
    it’s rebecca mayfield. so i got engaged this past weekend!! yay! and I wanted to get in touch with Nikki about maybe doing the pictures. do you have any of her contact info? my email is thanks so much! tell chuck hi for me


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