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these pictures are long overdue. chuck’s mom & dad (mimi & pawpaw) bought trip a video game learning system for christmas that was a little to advanced for him…. i know, it’s hard to believe since he is soooooo smart! (smiling to myself)… anyway, she ended up returning it & we went to the toy store at home a couple of weeks after christmas to replace the gift. we were looking for a small electric ride-on toy, but trip headed straight for the bikes. he got on one that was just his size & rode it all over the store while we looked for the electric ride-on we came to buy. we couldn’t find what we were looking for, so we ended up getting him a new bike & helmet/pad set instead…. we really didn’t have a choice. i don’t think he was going to leave the store without a bike. the only thing was that we had to convince him to choose a different bike. the one he rode thru the store was a pink & purple “princess” version of the one you see below. we took it to the church & let him ride it around in the gym since it was too cold to ride outside. below are the pics with him in full protective gear. (he probably didn’t need it inside, but we thought he needed to get used to wearing it since we will require it when he rides outside.) he LOVES the bike…. thanks Mimi & Pawpaw!!

stopped to pose for a quick picture…
though i wasn’t too thrilled about the interruption

riding fast…. “oh yeah”

6 Responses to “New Bike”

  1. Cindy

    That’s awesome! Peyton doesn’t really like riding his bike, so that’s great that Trip does!

    He is such a cutie!

  2. Liz

    hey scoggins. it’s liz in canada. hiiiiii!!! i got on this site via brenda’s. i love seeing all the kids. my gosh, your two are all grown up. well, almost. i miss seeing you all sitting behind us in church. “( Things are good here. I will stay up to date with you now that i can see all your blogs.

  3. JP

    That kid is awesome. Make sure he looks forward at all times while he’s riding. Or else he could end up flipped over the handle bars with a mouth full of mud, just like his favorite uncle did once. Good luck to the kid. and how about some pictures of Quinn pushing the bike around.


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