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well… this post is a bit late since quinn finally decided to become mobile a little over a month ago. yes…. he was 13 months old before he got his tail up & moving. he started out just before trip’s birthday crawling just to get to something & then would stop & sit for a looong time. he still didn’t understand that he could move from room to room. right before Christmas, he became more mobile & when we arrived at my parent’s house on the 23rd, he took off right away. i don’t know if he was eager to explore a new place or if he just didn’t want to let us get out of his sight, but he was everywhere… all of the sudden! it was about time! for the last week or so, he has discovered a new method of mobility. on the hardwood floors (& sometimes on carpet, though the traction makes it hard to pick up any speed) he has started doing what Ms. Chris affectionately calls the “Butt Scootin’ Boogie”. it is hilarious to see this butt scooting, (i am laughing as i type this b/c he is moving across our office carpet on his butt right now.) i have no idea why this has become his preferred way to travel, especially since it is much slower than his normal crawl. the only reason i can come up with is because he sat still for 7 months with no movement & is probably used to viewing the world from that position. anyway… i have attached 2 videos for your viewing pleasure. one is of his normal crawl & the other is the humorous butt scootin’ boogie.

6 Responses to “crawling…. sort of…. finally!”

  1. Gram

    I love the butt scoot, but it doesn’t look very comfortable. I guess whatever works for him.

  2. Brenda Rae

    Oh my how inefficient! It kind of looks like his abs might be getting a good work-out.

  3. Amber

    that is hilarious!! that boys gonna have a six pack by 3 b/c hes getting a serious ab workout.

  4. nikki

    I love it:) It’s so funny.!!!! I miss Quinn and Trip so much… I hope we can see them soon:)

  5. Megan

    oh gosh! you’re children are adorable. What a unique method of mobility. hilarious.

    Amy, i remember reading your posts while I was in Thailand and it was always so encouraging and exciting to be able to hear about the lives of an American family while I was living in such a foreign land. I’ve recently just wandered back here and have been reminded of that. I thought you would want to know how great it was, and still is, to see you and your boys.


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