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if you have watched the news this past week, you may have heard about the 13 year old boy, Ben Ownby who has been missing since Monday from a small town not too far from us. missing children cases happen all of the time, but rarely does one turn out like this one did. last night, they found the boy in an apartment less than an hour away from his home after a police officer saw a truck fitting the description of the one they were looking for (they got the info on the truck from a 16 year schoolmate of Ben’s who had ridden the same bus home right before he went missing). when they went into the apartment of the truck owner, they found the 13 year old boy alive & seemingly in good health. PRAISE THE LORD!!! if that isn’t fantastic news for the boy & his family, even more PHENOMENAL is that another boy was there in the apartment as well…. 15 year old Shawn Hornbeck who has been missing for 4 1/2 years from another small town also not far from us! He was abducted when he was 11 years old & has been kept “hostage” for all of this time. He was reunited with his family last night as well. I know they got the shock of their lives when they heard that he was alive! It is such a bizarre story with such an incredible outcome. I have been glued to the t.v today watching the press conferences from local news & even watching footage from the national news shows. For more info, click on the link below the picture for the story from our local news station. Pray for both boys as they deal with what has happened to them… especially Shawn who has spent over 4 years of his life in captivity. He has a long road of psychological recovery ahead of him.

Ben Ownby/Shawn Hornbeck

for more info, click here

on a lighter note… after a pretty mild winter (except for the one big snow dump in early december), temperatures dropped drastically last night & produced freezing rain that coated everthing. it looks like an icy wonderland in our yard, not so much the case right next door at our neighbors’ house.

a tree in our back yard

our neighbors have a huge tree in front that couldn’t hold up under the weight of the ice. at 4:20am this morning, some of the branches snapped & fell on their house & cars. i took these pictures this morning. they had a lot of the limbs cut off today, but a lot still lay on the house. we spoke with them tonight & thankfully there is minimal damage to the house from what they can tell, but we are having more freezing rain tonight.

7 Responses to “Amazing day in Missouri”

  1. Gram

    We have been following the story of the two boys on the national news. The story seems like something you would see in a movie or a TV show and not real life. I just hope that the boys can get counseling they will need, especially the older boy. We are in Florida, where it is 80 degrees today. Wish you were here.

  2. Brenda Rae

    Like you I have been glued to the tv watching. I remember watching the tv consistently when Shawn disappeared. I can’t imagine what it is like for him!

  3. Larry, Stephanie, & Anna Kate

    holy cow! the tree in your yard is beautiful, like a postcard…but then i scrolled down and saw your neighbors yard! yikes! i’ve been watching that story on the boys too, and have myself been quite amazed, too! Praise the Lord, huh?!
    Thanks for the update.

  4. nikki

    I have not been following the story of the two boys..(and I work at a newspaper) but I am so happy it turned out well…. honestly…that NEVER happens…

    Glad your house and cars are okay:)

  5. Meredith

    The story of the two boys is amazing and I have been following it, as well. I didn’t realize you were so close to the area where they are from. Also, with the big snow/ice storm, I hope you guys are keeping warm! It’s 70 degrees here in Atlanta! But not for long, I am told…

  6. Cindy

    I saw the story about these boys…how amazing!!

    I also saw the ice storm on the news and heard there were a lot of power outages. I hope you guys survived it without losing your power. It’s gorgeous! I hope we get some winter weather here soon!

  7. Amber

    ive been following that story as well.. they are actually going to be on Oprah tomorrow doing their first interview. the pictures of the trees is unreal.. we just don’t see any of that down here!


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