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we had a crazy christmas again this year driving thru 1/2 the country (or so it seemed) to see everyone. my mom & i drove the boys 13 hours to her house on the 23rd while chuck & my dad made the journey in about 11 1/2 hours on christmas eve (chuck had to stay for christmas eve services). on the 27th, we drove 5 hours to chuck’s parents’ house to celebrate christmas with them & got to see a lot of his family throughout our time there. we left new years day and made the 9+ hour drive back to missouri. we had a great time at home, though i wish we could have spent more time with everyone. thanks for all of the gifts, food, & love you gave us. i didn’t take many pics over the holidays, but here are a few….

i hardly took any pics at the scoggins house, but i loved this one of pawpaw getting some “head sugar” from quinn.

here is one of grandpap & his 3 boys (my mom now buys pj’s for everyone at christmas each year… except i don’t think josh or chuck got any this time… that may be because I am Sweet Baby#1 & maybe Nikki has moved into Sweet Baby#2 position. i guess #3 & #4 don’t get any new pj’s).

here is a lovely shot of my sister (in-law) and me in our matching pj’s & our blankets that my dad got us (but told us we had to leave there since we both are constantly in need of a blanket when we are on the couch). this is the only photo in existence of just me & nik together (that i know of).

2nd annual dress the boys in the same outfit photo… thanks for the sweaters mama… the boys look sooooo cute! (side note: see how trip is holding eli’s arm… he did not want to sit still & trip took it upon himself to try to keep eli on the step. and thanks to connie for the spiderman tatoos…. trip loved them & had to get one on his hand christmas morning!)

t & q in their christmas pj’s (from ms. chris :0)

11 Responses to “crazy Christmas”

  1. Brenda Rae

    Man you are going to make me cry!!! I miss you guys! Ally prays for you every night – I guess she knows you need it. Drew voted tonight at supper that Trippie comes to visit us too!

  2. Gram

    We loved having everyone home at Christmas! Thanks to you and Nikki for taking so many good pictures. Josh and Chuck, you are not #3 & #4, you are #1, same as always :) We miss everyone already.

  3. nikki

    Love all the pictures and the post. I love the boys in their matching outfits… I guess there won’t be many years we can do that huh? Hopefully we can see you in Missouri soon and it will be less stressful..

    BTW: there are several pics of me and you from my bachelorette party and my wedding:)

  4. amy

    oh yeah, nikki… i do remember the one you framed for me that was taken in myrtle beach… hmmm… no idea where that picture is. i should look for it!

  5. Rachel

    I love the picture of your dad with all 3 boys-that one is adorable! I also love the picture of the boys in matching sweaters, that one is too cute!
    I can’t believe how much traveling you guys did! I know it was worth it, but I don’t know if I could’ve done it myself!

  6. Meredith

    It looks like ya’ll had a wonderful Christmas! I love the boys in their matching outfits and pj’s! That is too cute! :)

  7. Larry, Stephanie, & Anna Kate

    amy-what fun pictures, and what cute boys they are! loved all the pj shots! and yes, i’d say tripp definetly has enough hair to create some really fun bath-time hair-do’s!
    oh, and erin does make me a little jealous-she looks like she never had a baby, really! but, you should talk-you have 2 and look great yourself! i love keeping up…

  8. coupon queen

    your young’ins get sweeter each time i see a picture! Sounds like you had a great time- although a lot of traveling!!!

  9. Amber

    if you guys would just get your butts back down south you wouldnt have to do the million hour christmas drive. the pictures are adorable.. especially the matching pjs. i think the real #1 will be the first momma to pop out a girl.

  10. mk

    I love the matching pjs – I try to find pjs for the kids to match each year too. I also love the matching sweaters! Let us know the next time you’re coming this way, we’d love to see you! Thanks for keeping us up to date with the Scoggins’ happenings.


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