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we took the boys to see jolly Old Saint Nick today at the mall. trip was so excited before we went, but i was unsure of how he would react once it was time to climb in the old guy’s lap. he did pretty well. he has his normal stunned look (couldn’t get a smile out of him). quinn did really well, too. i thought he might scream, but he didn’t seem to care. trip had practiced saying what he wanted for christmas, but didn’t utter a peep when the time came. he also told chuck he was going to sing “jingle bells” for santa, but no such luck on that either. anyway, here is the pic i got from my camera… yeah, i stood off to the side & snapped pics to see if i could get a better one than the ones that cost us about $9 each. i wasn’t sure if the elves would fuss at me for taking my own pics, but i didn’t really care.

4 Responses to “Visit with Santa”

  1. brendarae

    That dude looks like an official Santa – old and everything! Ally mumbled so Santa could barely hear too.

  2. Gram

    I am glad the boys did so well. As much as Trip wanted to sit in Santa’s lap, he was also very nervous about it. He told me when the time came he would be brave, so Quinn wouldn’t cry. Good job, Trip :)

  3. Cindy

    Dang, those are some good looking boys!

    I’m jealous, Peyton will not even get in sight of Santa. I have NO pictures of my kids with Santa.


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