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on december 7th, trip turned 3 years old! wow!! and somehow, his turning 3 has made me become a sap. as i drove him to the sitter’s house that morning, i told him that i have loved him for 3 whole years. as i said it, my eyes began to well up with tears & i cried the rest of the way there. what has happened to me? who have i become? i laugh at people who cry when they take their child to daycare the first time (even at you nikki) or when they take their child to kindergarten on the first day of school. and here i am squalling about absolutely nothing… this birthday isn’t even a milestone birthday. crazy sap!! …. anyway, here are some pics to celebrate my big kid. (i was going to include a hospital pic from the day he was born, but there weren’t any good ones where you could really see him well. so i included the pic below that was taken just after a bath). enjoy!!

this was taken at home when trip was 9 days old

I’m 3 (notice his fingers. he always does it this way. we
didn’t teach him that, but it always makes me smile)
my pirate ship from gram & grandpap
(i was talking to gram on the phone)
my easel from mimi & pawpaw
trip with his homemade pull apart cupcake cake (he’ll probably make fun of this cake when he gets older. don’t worry mama, i won’t be upset. i deserve it)
trip licking icing off the cupcake
quinn enjoying his piece of the cake

me & mommy
me & daddy


7 Responses to “trip is THREE”

  1. Gram

    Time goes by so fast. Trip is getting so big. I wish I could have been there for his birthday. I can’t wait to see him at Christmas. Enjoy those tears. They are just part of the mother package.

  2. JP

    Glad to see he made it to 3. Some of those spill I saw him take when he was learning to walk made me wonder. Enjoy 3 like you did 2 and 1, because his aunt and I have enjoyed them all very much.

  3. mimi

    Oh my goodness…Trip looks so big. I love the cake. think the tears are bad now just wait until he really goes to school.

  4. Larry, Stephanie, & Anna Kate

    Amy-I just left you a comment and it wouldn’t post it at first…weird that you are having trouble with mine too?! Others haven’t had a problem…maybe try again today.
    He is so cute, and looks just like you, to me! What a big boy…I have those same moving moments sometimes, too! Being a mom will just do that to you sometimes.

  5. brendarae

    I remember the Sunday Trippy was born! Wow Amy I too have cried at silly situations that I SHOULDN’T be crying at!

  6. Amber

    we all cry over our babies.. its our job. i keep making mason promise me that he will stop growing up, its not working.


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