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Last Thursday night, we got over 2 inches of sleet before we went to bed & then woke up with another couple of inches of snow on top of the ice. Being from the great state of Georgia, I didn’t grow up seeing much snow & certainly didn’t have to try to drive on it. It definitely made for an interesting commute to work on Friday! Here are some pictures from the last couple of days. (depending on your web browser, the layout of this post may look strange. i have tried correcting it, but if i fix it in mozilla browser, then explorer looks odd & vice versa… i’ll fix the post when i have more time if i can)

this is just the sleet that had accumulated before we went to bed. (notice the pool toys still out…. anyone for a swim?)

Our first ever Frosty the snowman! Trip and I built this snowman on Saturday while Chuck was working at the church & Quinn was napping.

8 Responses to “Ice & Snow”

  1. Gram

    I love the snowman! It looks like Trip had fun playing in the snow. I am glad that you didn’t lose power like so many in the St. Louis area did.

  2. brendarae

    Impressive snowman! I am really impressed that you had a carrot for his nose! Send that snow our way – I need a snow day!

  3. AKA

    That’s an incredible snowman! I see you put your child in winter clothes. Hmmm, perhaps that would make my child happier in the snow???

  4. nikki

    The snow looks like a lot of fun and I love the pictures. Glad to hear you guys made it through the storm.
    The snowman doesn’t look very happy… Even he doesn’t like cold weather:)

  5. amy

    nikki~ funny, i was going to give him a smile, but the snow had turned to ice by the time i added the face on sunday afternoon. i had to chisel with a screwdriver to make a place to stick the face & the arms. it was enough work to make a straight line… i gave up on the curve to make the mouth smile!

  6. mk

    I miss playing in the snow!! However, I do NOT miss driving in it. I’m glad you’re doing well. Enjoy the fun in the snow!!

  7. Larry, Stephanie, & Anna Kate

    Girl-how much fun did yall have?! From one GA girl to another-I wish we had the snow here in NC! Is that your house that yall are in front of? It’s beautiful. I bet you are a great mom…if you mother anything like you were as our Pledgemaster, you are creative, thourough, and quite on top of things! :)


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