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finally… the long awaited birthday party photos are here. my baby turned 1 on Nov. 7th. it is hard to believe a year has passed already. the first photo was taken minutes after he was born, the rest are from his birthday party. enjoy! (click on each of the images to enlarge them. i loaded them as small images to reduce the size of the blog)

the family

oops… forgot to unbutton the last button before pulling his shirt off to avoid a mess… sorry kiddo! i wasn’t trying to take your head off, i promise! (p.s. way to catch my mishap on film, rob)

trip giving quinn a lick of icing… he is a sweet big brother!

double fisting the cake

opening gifts – our friend jolie & trip were supervising

our friend michelle took the pics below… the angles & quality of her pics are a million times better than the pics i took. i could have uploaded a lot more, but decided to limit it to 3 of my favs…..

thanks michelle!!!!!!!

7 Responses to “quinn is ONE”

  1. Gram

    I can’t believe my baby’s baby is one year old!! We loved being there for his party. He is such a sweet baby.

  2. brendarae

    Man it is funny how much his first picture still looks like him – but less gooy. He is such a big boy!

  3. nikki

    Glad to see the pics:) I am really sad wee missed the party. Maybe one year we can have a joint birthday party for Eli and Quinn.

    Soon, my blog will copy yours. I was about to post ones of Eli’s bday party too:)

  4. JP

    That kid is awesome. It looks like he enjoyed the cake. It seems to have been about the same color as Eli’s. I can’t to see ya’ll and the boys again at Christmas. (I hope)

  5. Cindy

    They grow up quick, don’t they?? He is so cute.

    And you look really good in that picture for just having a baby a few minutes before. I’m glad no one was snapping pictures of me minutes after delivery!!!

  6. mk

    Looks like you had a great party! I can’t believe Quinn is one already. Your friend Michelle has a great eye for pix too!!


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