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so…. i barely have any hair at all (compared to the lush locks my older brother has), but the thin blonde hair i do have seems to have a mind of it’s own. i sweat alot while i sleep, so my hair is always looking pretty crazy when i wake up. since i am turning 1 year old tomorrow, my mom decided it was finally time to get my first haircut & get that crazy hair under control! see some of the before, during, & after shots below!! love, quinn

my gram couldn’t resist taking this pic when we were in New Jersey. this is all natural, we couldn’t make this up if we tried!

after my nap one day last week….. this is how i always look after my naps!

i know i look crazy, but i don’t EVEN care!

mama & dada let me eat animal crackers while i got my haircut

the hair is coming off….

i got to sit in the firetruck while she cut my hair. i didn’t mind the haircut & tried to drive it some in between the snacks
here is the final product (mama didn’t get any good pics at the salon)
i look handsome!

10 Responses to “Crazy hair no more”

  1. Gram

    The haircut looks great! I especially love the one of him laughing after his nap. That is a great capture of his laugh.

  2. mk

    looks great – he looks so much older now…i understand about the wild hair – daniel sweats a lot when he sleeps and his hair is so thin (like Darrell’s) that it looks crazy when he wakes up from a nap as well; although not as crazy as quinn’s.

  3. nikki

    I love the haircut… It looks reallly good. Tell Quinn his Uncle Josh and Aunt Nikki said Happy Birthday….a little late… election day at the newspaper is kinda crazy and I never got a chance to call…so

    Happy Birthday Quinn, we love you.

  4. Susanna

    He looks so cute with that haircut! Of course I am a sucker for short hair :) I will be out of town for the big boy’s birthday…give him a squeeze for both of us and tell everyone hi!

  5. JP

    I can’t call him Albert (Einstein) anymore without his crazy flyaway hair. Oh well, don’t lose heart. I will be diligent in my efforts as his favorite and only uncle to to come up with a new nickname for him. How about … Fish, because he will keep eating as long as you feed him. It’s just an idea, of course we’ll have to wait and see what sticks.

  6. brendarae

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY QUINN!!! Your noisy toy is soon on its way! You are adorable and have awesome hair.

  7. Amber

    im so proud of you amy.. i know it cut you deep to get your baby’s hair cut before he turned 3. youve come a long way.

  8. Meredith

    Your boys are so cute! I love the crazy hair… I am also amazed at how much they look like you. :)


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