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Sorry it took me so long to publish this post. I started on Halloween night, but i guess every other blogger user was also trying to upload pics & post that night & the next day, because i had a terrible time trying to get my pics on. almost a week after Halloween, here they are! we didn’t go Trick-or-Treating as the church held their annual Family Fall Festival. they set up games in just about every room in the church & have HUGE inflatables in the gym. the kids get candy for just being there & also for trying any of the games. it is alot of fun & the church usually sees a few thousand people coming thru the doors that night. i think the boys had a great time & we enjoyed the fact that we were inside, warm & cozy.

my boys on their 1st Halloween together.

Quinn was Spiderman this year for Halloween (recognize the costume? it was trip’s from 2 years ago…. stinks to be the 2nd kid, same gender, born the same time of year…. but don’t tell him!)

Trip was a cowboy this year for Halloween

quinn wants to share trip’s candy with you

trip enjoying his popcorn snack (courtesy of ms. chris)

trip & his cowgirl-friend, ally

tyler, austin, quinn, & trip

quinn & trip with the bucket of halloween spoils

4 Responses to “happy halloween”

  1. nikki

    They look really cute. I love all the pics…

    Who’s the really smart kid in the Georgia football uniform:)?

  2. amy

    nikki~ the kid in the UGA jersey is our friend austin (they live here in St. Peters, but his dad is from Marietta)

    josh~ i don’t know that quinn even noticed he was wearing a costume. he left his hat on most of the evening. he would take it off every once in a while, but when we put it back on, he didn’t mind.


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