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we had our annual church picnic last sunday. they have it at a local park & invite the fire department to come out & let the kids “play” on the truck (along with other activities). trip was fascinated!! he always notices firetrucks on the road, so he was really excited to be able to “drive” one…. if only for a minute. the firemen were so nice & gave Trip & Quinn fire helmets. since then, he wants to play “fire fire”. at first i wasn’t sure why he was saying the same thing twice, but then i figured out that he was trying to say “fire fighter”. we pretend to drive the truck using a wipes case as a steering wheel & we use a red plastic bat as a water hose to put out fires. what an imagination!!

don’t i look great driving this firetruck? the fireman even adjusted the steering wheel & the seat so it was the perfect height for me!

i like my fire helmet, but something about it keeps bugging me!

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  1. JP

    Now thosee are the pictures I was talking about. A man driving a big truck. That’s awesome.
    P.S. Is Quinn working the pedals?

  2. AKA

    That’s too cute! My 4 year old nephew was a fire fighter last Halloween and the way he said it was also “fire fire”!

  3. mk

    That’s cute! Daniel went to the fire station as part of a birthday party last year and loved it! Everytime we drive by the fire station, Emma talks about the “fire works.”


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