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i haven’t been so good at posting lately, so i thought i’d just add a few pics from the last couple of months. the boys are growing like crazy & are both in Mother’s Day Out at the church on Tuesdays & Fridays. Trip LOVES it & Quinn doesn’t really know enough to have an opinion, but seems to be adjusting pretty well to the new schedule (only 1 nap per day at MDO). anyway, these pics are pretty random & the matching comment is just below each picture.

quinn struggling to keep his head up in the baby boat

trip decorating cookies with Gram (although, she somehow alluded the camera, once again)

if quinn was able to move around more, the boys would probably be able to play together even more… for now, though, bathtime is a super fun playtime together!

one good thing about a 10 mth old who still can’t crawl is that he can sit (perfectly still) on the kitchen counter & entertain himself while i cook dinner…. a feat my nephew Eli hasn’t been able to do since he was about 3 mths old :0)

trip got his hair trimmed yesterday & the lady put red hair gel in his hair after she cut it. he loved it!

he said, “i have red head”!

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  1. AKA

    Immobile children rock!!! Although Kylee did scoot about 3 feet backwards last weekend. Aaah! And I love Trip’s red hair – what a punk!

  2. Gram

    I can’t see enough pictures my boys. Keep them coming. I was hoping that Trip would have a red mohawk though!

  3. nikki

    I love all the pictures! They both look so big. I can’t wait to see them:) I haven’t posted lately either… unfotunately, I can’t find my camera:(

  4. JP

    Can’t you get photos of Trip doing dome manly things? Everytime you post he’s doing house work or baking cookies or getting his hair done. Let’s see some football shots or something.

  5. brendarae

    YEAH pictures finally!!!! We were talking about you guys the other night and drew walked around for 15 mintues saying “Trippie???” looking for him.

    Why do you get so lucky to get the calm immobile type? It is NOT fair!

  6. amy

    cindy~ funny that you say trip looks like josh. everyone here thinks trip looks just like me, but everyone who knows josh says he is his mini-me. i don’t think josh and i look anything alike, so it is funny to hear different peoples’ opinions.

  7. Gram

    Josh – you made cookies with me too :) As soon as he is old enough so will Eli. I am sure he will love them as much as you did.

  8. Mino Family

    I can’t get over the pic of Quinn in the pool trying to hold his head up in the float! Zach was the same way with that float! We had the hardest time with it and I finally gave up and just held him in the pool!


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