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most of you may not know this, but i am up for the mother of the year in the 3 & under category!! WORST mother of the year, that is!! just kidding, but i do feel like a horrible mom a lot of the time. if i had the time, i could probably think of many bad things that i have done, but these 2 recent incidents are coming to mind. the following 2 situations are not my proudest moments, but help me in my race for WMOTY:

Trip: a few weeks ago this energized 2 3/4 year old ran full speed thru our kitchen & then jumped as far as he could (picture the olympic long jump) onto our pergo floor. his pace was a little more than he could handle & he fell when he landed. when he decided to try again, i thought i’d catch him b/c i didn’t want him to really hurt himself. i caught him, he laughed & i threw him over my shoulder like a sack of potatoes. he decided to try & crawl down my back. (stay with me here, my horrible mom thing is coming up quickly…) i decided to oblige him & lowered him steadily down my back until i was holding only his feet at my shoulders & his head was just below my butt. i decided to let go with one hand so i could reach around & grab his leg behind me, (this is the bad part…) but when i let go with one hand i lost my grip & he plummeted, HEAD first onto our wood floor. he screamed & within an instant i reached down to pick him up (snatch him up is closer to the truth) to console him & apologize. he kept screaming & i realized that i probably shouldn’t have picked him up so quickly b/c he could have a broken neck with the way he hit the floor. long story coming to an end, i didn’t not paralyze or seriously injure this precious child of mine, but my thoughtlessness in the situation hopefully will never be repeated. although, if anyone ever thinks he is odd & asks if someone once dropped him on his head, he can honestly answer “yes”.

Quinn: last week this almost 10 mth old was fussier than usual after i picked him up from the sitter’s house. i nursed him as usual & held him, but nothing seemed to help so i decided maybe he was tired & wanted a nap (though he dropped his late afternoon nap a long time ago). i laid him down in his crib & he fussed a little, but i decided to leave him there & let him cry it out. five minutes later i went back up to check on him since he was still crying. (here is the bad mommy part…) as i walked up to his crib, i noticed a strange orange color all over his sheet. oh… my poor baby had PUKED & was laying in it. i don’t know how he did it, but he even had vomit on his left shoulderblade (unsure how he threw up on his own back since i had laid him on his belly & he was still on his belly when i walked back in there). once again, i felt terrible & had to put him in the bath to get him cleaned up.

so…….nominate me, vote for me, choose me…. for Worst Mother of the Year…

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  1. Mino Family

    Sounds like you’re having a lot of fun at your house! I can SO sympathize with the vomit one b/c I have left Zach crying in his crib and come back to find him with spit up all over his face and up his nose…all b/c I wanted him to just ‘cry it out’ for a little bit! :( I think mommies have lots of stories to tell and at least you can laugh at it(sortof) now! Can you believe our babies are almost 10 months old???

  2. mk

    I’m sure we all have stories that could get us nominated for WMOTY. Everytime I see Darrell put one of the kids up on his shoulders I worry that he’ll lose his grip and the child will go tumbling. It’s amazing that any child survives their childhood.

  3. Gram

    That’s okay, baby girl. There will be a long list of things that you wish you hadn’t done (or said). Somehow they survive. Anyway if you are voted WMOTY, what does that say about your mother? Remember what I told you, “they don’t come with an instruction manual and we all make it up as we go”. :)

  4. nikki

    With your intro I was really expecting something bad but come on… who HASN’t dropped at least one kid on their head:)

    Just kidding…. you’re far from the WMOTY… but I am coming to realize that guilt is just going to be a natural part of life for us moms:)

  5. coupon queen

    You ahen’t the only one who does things and then thinks later, “was that the wisest thing I could have done?” I had one of those moments last week when I watched Jonathan eat cheerios off my grandmother’s garage floor…after he dropped them! Everyone watching was saying “No!” and I’m sitting there like an idiot! oh well- live and learn. love ya!

  6. brendarae

    Hasn’t he been dropped on his head by Chuck too on the changing table – you aren’t the only one to blame!

  7. Amber

    its really amazing how our kids make it through childhood alive. i had the exact same vomit story with mason when he was a baby except i never went in the room (i was teaching a valuable lesson that you i wont come in the room every time you cry) and left him in it all night long. i didnt realize until the next morning when he was sound asleep with his face laying in dried up puke. i almost called DFACS on myself.

  8. Helgrenfam

    Reading all of your posts just brightens my day and cracks me up! Along with all of the other mommys…I have had Lily vomit and end up sleeping in it, she did not even wake up! Terrible! Hey I did want to get in touch with you about the Helgren’s trip to Missouri in October and wanted to ask you some questions..could you drop me an email sometime? Can’t wait to hear from you!

  9. Kiki

    I came from Brenda’s blog after she told me to read your worst mother of the year moment because I had just written mine. Although, after reading yours, it reminded me that I too have left my baby in his own vomit before… I don’t always believe the people who say you can distinguish between cries!


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