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most of you probably know that my dad loves hats… especially cowboy hats! he bought this one for Trip when he was a baby and got it out last night for Quinn. Here he is composing his first song on the music table…. hopefully it won’t be a country song!!

and here he is enjoying his first Diet Coke… (not really, but he did like holding the bottle)

4 Responses to “Cowboy & Coke”

  1. nikki

    He looks like such a big boy sitting in that chair:)
    I can’t wait to see him and give him kisses..

    Just tell your parents to bring him back with them:)

  2. brendarae

    I think a country song would be beautiful!!!! I can’t wait to see you next weekend – Ally is soooo excited!

  3. mk

    I love the picture with the cowboy hat!! and I’m so glad you’re bringing him up on the right choice of beverages too.


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