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so, i was in a wedding in may and am in another in october. in addition to those, we have been invited to 5 other weddings this summer. so what! so, i became curious. curious about what? about getting married again?? no, but close. i became curious as to whether or not i could still fit into my wedding dress. i mean, it has been almost 6 years since i first wore the dress and i have had 2 kids since that wonderful September day when i became a mrs.

tonight i tried it on. i was nervous about whether or not it was going to zip. i asked chuck for help. he said, “oh it’ll be no problem” in response to my doubt about it zipping. he is a kind (& smart) man. well, after sucking in my gut as much as i could, it finally zipped. chuck took some pictures to prove it. it was definitely tighter than it was on my wedding day. it didn’t lay quite right around my belly region & my milk producing breasts are slightly larger also, but at least i got the darn thing on. i really love that dress and am now up for a challenge. i have never been one to really work out, but i have a new goal to try to fit back into the dress properly. anway… here are the pics:

and yes, it is zipped all the way

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  1. brendarae

    Congrats – I wish I was there to work out with you! Did Trip see you in it?

  2. Mimi

    Wow that’s great, but I knew you would fit you looked great the last time we were out there.

  3. Mino Family

    What a beautiful dress Amy! You look great in it as I’m sure you did 6 years ago on that September day!

  4. Gram

    As many dresses (thouands)as we looked at and as much as that one cost (hundreds), I am glad that it still fits :)

  5. nikki


    Maybe we can have a ‘wear your wedding dress party’ so your accomplisment is not for naught:) Of course you might be the only one there since there is no way I am fitting into mine:)

  6. Cindy

    You look great!!!!! And you have me curious now. I used to try mine on ALL the time.

  7. Meredith

    You look fabulous!!! Congratulations! And, you have definitely set the bar for me, when we have kids! I know it IS possible!

  8. amy

    trip is going to be the ringbearer in the wedding with me in october. he has a white tux (we got it from ms. chris) that he might wear in the wedding. when i had my dress on, he wanted to put his ‘dress’ on, too. i guess the fact that they are both white threw him off.

  9. kelly

    ok- i am going to take my fat, 8 1/2 month pregnant body to bed on that note. must be nice. i am pretty sure i couldn’t have fit my thrice pregnant body into mine before this one anyway, but, doesn’t really matter, and i may never know. i had mine stored in one of those heirloom cases after the wedding, so…who knows. lucky me! :o) for all i know, it might not even be in there… :o)
    in His grace alone-
    kelly <><

  10. Amber

    nice work amy. theres no way i could zip mine up. i did however get to wear mine a couple of years ago for the season finale of 90210. yes, we dressed up like the characters and i showed up as donna martin. dont judge.

  11. Jennifer

    That’s awesome!! It would take two of my dresses sown together to fit me I’m afraid. I don’t still have it anyway (plus it was just a suit). You look beautiful!!


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