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couldn’t resist adding this picture of quinn from yesterday. i thought it was too cute not to post, though it has nothing to do with my entry below.

we haven’t had much to report lately in the scoggins household.

but this just in…. trip is working on his 3rd day in underwear! i never thought i’d see this day & don’t know if he’ll continue this good streak, but i am ecstatic we have made it this far. he has had 2 or 3 minor accidents where he starts to pee & then realizes it, stops peeing & tells us that he is wet…. each time his underwear has just barely been wet. he is still wearing diapers for naptime & bedtime, but we are on our way to shop for Spiderman & Batman underwear tomorrow! (his reward for doing so well). he still cries & pitches a fit when i make him stop playing to use the potty, but the Lord seems to be granting me the patience to deal with it & the perseverance to not give up on him. so… pray for us… i have decided that potty training IS just as much, if not more, about the parent than it is about the child.

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  1. Cindy

    Good luck!!! It’s such a great feeling when you finally have them potty trained. Sounds like it is going well. Your boys are gorgeous.

  2. brendarae

    Oh sometimes I can’t get Ally to stop going to the bathroom – especially at the store. Now she thinks that it is okay to pee on the ground if she doesn’t want to go inside – yikes!!!

  3. Mino Family

    oh my goodness, i see my life in a couple of years…with two to train!!! that should be fun! Cindy is right, your boys are gorgeous! Good luck!

  4. Amber

    man, i dont miss potty training.. get ready for life to get so much easier!! i am hoping kendall will do it much faster than mason did.

  5. Jennifer

    That is awesome!!! Congratulations. Amber is so right life is so much easier with out a diaper bag!!


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