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here are a few pics of our new pool with the water in. you can compare it to my previous post. trip loves it & would probably swim all day everyday if we would let him. he has already ditched his “swimmies”. (click on the pictures to enlarge)

after just a couple of days, trip has become fearless

here he is jumping off of the ladder.

quinn, on the other hand, was not such a big fan of the pool! he cried the whole 2 minutes he was in. as much as trip loves to be in the water, i hope quinn eventually learns to love it, too!!

7 Responses to “Loving & Hating the Pool”

  1. gram

    I am sure Quinn will love it too once he gets use to it. Now that Trip is fearless, you will have to watch him even more closely.

  2. mk

    both of our kids are not afraid of anything. i’m sure quinn will come around eventually.

  3. Mino Family

    We put Grace and Zach in my uncle’s pool on Father’s Day and Zach hated it too!! We’re going to the beach next week, so I hope he starts to like it a little bit! Grace, on thee other hand, loved it! Hopefully Quinn will come around so you can enjoy it with both boys!

  4. brendarae

    I am so jealous! It has barely gotten warm enough in WI to swim and we don’t want to put our pool up in IA until we are there to take care of it. I guess we will head over to grandma’s. She has a 15 ft surf board for her pool. Ally thinks she is soooo cool!

  5. Amber

    mason would probably be scared of the ball in the pool- so just be glad that quinn got in without having a seizure. forget the kids, i wanna come over and play in your pool


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