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chuck’s grandmother & mom wanted to buy a pool for trip & quinn for the summer. i was thinking of a little plastic kids pool. chuck weighed in on the situation & he was thinking a humongous plastic pool. sharon & i went & bought it yesterday. when we got to the store, sharon actually wanted to get a bigger one, but i didn’t think it would fit on our patio. this one barely fits with a little room to walk around. trip couldn’t wait to get in as you can see by the pictures. he got in while it was still filling up.

it finally filled up all the way last night. it is a little over 3 feet deep. trip’s feet can touch the bottom of it, but when he loses his balance, he still goes under pretty easily. i’ll post more pictures of it filled up later.

4 Responses to “pool party time”

  1. nikki

    That thing is huge!!! but it looks like alot of fun…
    make sure to send more pics:)

  2. Gram

    I can tell he is going to love it! He will want to be in it at every opportunity.

  3. Cindy

    Wow – that is huge!!!! I wish we had room for that in our yard. We have a really small plastic pool that is no longer exciting for Peyton. This year we put it at the end of his slide, thinking that would make it more exciting….didn’t work. I hope your boys enjoy it. I can’t wait to see more pictures of it!


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