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SWM, age 2 1/2

i am a husband in training. i enjoy doing the regular guy things like playing golf, baseball, basketball, football, etc. but i also really enjoy doing things like sweeping the floors, vacuuming, mowing the grass, etc. i also like to help cook. i am good with kids (i have a 7 mth old brother) and my mom thinks i am pretty cute.

get your daugthers ready, ’cause in 20-25 years, i might be looking for a wife… and i’ll have many years of training under my belt by then!

4 Responses to “Husband in Training”

  1. kelly

    well, if he decides he prefers older women, mary frances should be on the market around the same time. she will love that he vacuums, too!

  2. Jennifer

    I have a cutie about that age…what about an arranged marriage? We should have submission beat into her in aprox. 20 yrs.–Just kidding!! He is too cute!

  3. Amber

    hey, i say if the kid enjoys vaccuuming, let him come “play” at my house.

  4. Brenda

    I think the boy is taken by Ally Arlene. She has had dibs on that boy since he was conceived!


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