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Dearest Quinny-boo,

It is hard to believe that it’s been FIVE whole years since you came into our lives! You have become such a kind and respectful young boy. You never forget to say ‘Thank You’ to someone when they have done something for you or taken you somewhere special. It actually brings me to tears at how thankful/thoughtful you can be.

Some of my other favorite things about you are: you can make me smile with a silly face even when I’m really sad or mad; you are so helpful with your baby brother and really love to make him happy; you love to sing and even make up your own songs (today’s favorite… “Happy Birthday to me, I’m one hundred and three, even though I’m pretty small, I can still play with a ball!”); you learn so quickly and amaze me with your memory about things that the rest of us can’t recall; you look up to Trip so much and would follow him anywhere; you still love to snuggle; you laugh really loudly. I’m sure there are many other things I should be listing. Instead, I’ll finish up with some pictures from your special day.

your birthday breakfast

the letter Trip wrote you:

your birthday lunch (you thought it was so great that you got a candle in your sandwich, too!)

dinner at Pizza Street (your absolute favorite)

I’m not sure how you went from this:

to this:

so quickly. Even though you refuse to stay small no matter how much I beg you and/or threaten to squish you back down, I love you…. just the way you are! Happy Birthday, Ninners!


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