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today after driving the last bit of our journey from celebrating my Dad’s 60th Birthday with him in N.Carolina, Chuck decided to reorganize the unfinished basement. he asked me to go through a section of boxes, but almost all of them were filled with his things. of the few boxes i decided actually belonged to me, most were college notebooks and some household papers from when we first purchased the house almost 10 years ago. i sorted thru all of the papers and only kept a few things. this is the pile I am putting in recycling:

this is the pile of things I am *not* recycling:

WHAT????? Yup… found an envelope & card from Mawmaw with A.HUNDRED.DOLLAR.BILL inside! We got married almost 10 years ago! How many times could we have used $100 over the last 10 years? Seriously, how in the world could that have been put into a box of so-called “Important Papers”?

And… I will forever remind my husband the importance of going through every item in a box… though he thinks it’s a waste of time… not so wasteful this time around! :0)

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  1. Gram

    So I guess it is past the appropriate deadline to send a Thank You note to Mawmaw :)


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