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I recorded these soccer videos a couple of weeks ago for Mimi & Pawpaw. Hoping to get some better ones this Saturday.

Trip had a bum leg that Saturday (the outside of his knee was hurting & he was running funny that day, but he still played his heart out):

Quinn had a rough game that Saturday. Not sure if he was tired, or just overwhelmed by the mass of pushing kids on the field, but I caught this section where he actually had his head in the game & was going for the ball. The pace of his games are so much different than the ones in Trip’s K & 1st grade league:

Webb has found his squealing voice. It started one night when he was standing in Grandpap’s lap. They squealed together for several minutes, but by the time the video camera came out, his happy squeals turned in to irritated/tired screams. I caught some happy squeals a few days later:

We also broke out the old Johnny Jump up last week. At first, he barely moved, but now… he’s really jumping:

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