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What a great day! I started out a little sad that it was just going to be the five of us hanging out today. I was wishing we could celebrate with family or friends and was worried today would be just like any other Sunday. Instead of ordinary, today has been pretty special!

We went to church this morning to celebrate our risen Jesus, corporately. They didn’t have childcare for kindergarten and up, so Trip sat in big church with us. I was glad the church passed out a coloring book & crayons to keep the kiddos busy. This was one of the pages Trip colored:
WOW! He did this completely on his own! My heart smiles to hear my big boys explain in their terms the events of Good Friday and Easter Sunday. They will also tell you that Jesus did all of this because He loves us so much! You said it, buddy! Jesus loves you!! I await the day when you are aware of your sinful nature and ask Jesus to be your Savior! You are off to a great understanding of His love!

After church, we came home to a yummy lunch of pot roast & yeast rolls. Mealtimes are always such a hassle and we fight at almost every meal trying to get them (mostly Quinn) to eat. But they both ate really well!! Though there is clearly no comparison to the risen Christ, that in itself was a pretty big miracle!!

We tried to get a few family pictures in our color coordinated outfits, but that is always an iffy proposition. It is a beautiful day, but a bit windy! Since there was no one operating the camera in the all-Scoggins picture (it was on a timer), there was no one to get Webb’s attention. Here are a few of the ones we got:

Webb has also enjoyed his first Easter (at least the parts where he has been awake). He did get a few things from the Easter bunny, but only 1 was a toy (he also got some baby spoons & fruit puffs for when he starts on solid foods in a couple of months). He totally loves his tiger toy! Here are a few pics of him enjoying it:

While he was on the boppy, he started kicking his legs & propelling forward. I slid him back down & then turned the video camera on when I noticed his legs kicking again. Check this out…(disregard my snorting)

WHAT??? I am not ready for him to become mobile! I am hoping this coordinated movement is just a fluke… of course I thought the same thing when he woke up flipped over on his back a couple of weeks ago. He flips himself over every time he wakes up now…. yikes!!

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  1. Gram

    Great job Web!!! I love the Easter pics but I am amazed at how mobile Web is. He is going to be crawling and walking soon. I can't wait to see all of you in a couple of weeks.


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