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so, i’m living in a house full of men (well… 1 man and soon to be 3 boys). tonight, completely on their own, they all went to work.

before dinner I asked Trip to get his mini broom and dustpan to sweep up all of the tiny pieces of mesh that fell on the floor earlier as he cut up the bracelet he made in Sunday School this morning. while sweeping, he said, “this is fun” and proceeded to sweep (on hands and knees) the rest of the kitchen floor. at some point, Quinn grabbed his mini broom & dustpan and helped sweep crumbs and dirt, too.

after dinner, Trip asked me for a wet paper towel so he could wash the walls. i’m not even kidding. i had to hold myself back from laughing, but gave him and Quinn wet washcloths instead. those two boys proceeded to wipe down just about everything they could reach. all of the walls in our house from about 3 1/2 feet down have been wiped. they also wiped the cabinets, banister, door frames, and then the baseboards. huh-larious. i kept chuckling to myself the entire time. i didn’t think to take any pictures until they were almost done with the baseboards. i just got this one…

in the meantime, earlier today, Chuck and I were discussing the fact that our bathtub has been leaking down into our unfinished basement for over 2 months now (off and on – and only dripping while the shower is running). we had a plumber come out when we first noticed it, but he was unable to determine the cause of the leak and told us to call again if we noticed it. almost 2 months later, we haven’t called him back, but it is still leaking some. Chuck decided today that he would go try to caulk around the faucet plate and the handle to see if water was being splashed behind there and running down to cause the leak. during this discussion, i mentioned to him that i would love for him to put in a new sink faucet and drain hardware at some point, too. i didn’t intend for him to do it today, but i guess he figured now was as good of time as any. especially since we are about to have a lot of company in the next few days when the baby arrives (more on that later). after a few hours of hard work (and a lot of cleaning… our sink drain was unbelievably corroded and so foul I couldn’t look at the sludgy mess), it is done. he also decided to caulk around the countertop while he was at it. i caught this picture of him. he was laughing because i told him that i needed picture of my men working.

maybe living in a house full of men will have it’s perks after all…

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  1. Meredith

    Can you send the boys to my house to wash my baseboards? :) I definitely can't bend over anymore to get them…


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