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my maid of honor, Rachel Rollins, got married this weekend in Atlanta. i flew down with both of the boys (by myself… i do not recommend this) & chuck drove down the next day. i enjoyed spending time with rach (we talk on the phone from time to time, but i have missed being around her) & enjoyed hanging out with the other bridesmaids, but there were many parts of the long weekend that we could have done without. #1– the driving. we stayed with josh & nikki in buford (allowing me to see my adorable nephew, though i wasn’t there as much as i would have liked) , but all of the wedding activities were in the downtown area. i drove about 7 1/2 hours back & forth to atlanta over a 3 day period (photo above is of the traffic i encountered on every drive into town). #2– poor nikki was in a bad way as she had just had surgery to blast & remove a huge kidney stone just 2 days before we arrived (i felt bad that me, chuck, the boys, & my in-laws squashed any chance she had to get the rest she needed to recover). #3– trip got a stomach virus or something while at chuck’s parents house (we had a family reunion/80th b’day party for chuck’s grandmother in rome) & puked 6 times sunday night. since he didn’t get any sleep (nor did anyone else in the house), he is still recovering.he woke up with a fever today & has been either whining/crying or sleeping all day. we flew back home this afternoon and the traveling wore him completely out. it breaks my heart to see him so sick. i woke him up to eat dinner & he just cried the entire time refusing to eat. i asked him if he wanted to play or go back to sleep & he chose sleep. i don’t expect to see him until the morning…

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  1. nikki

    I hope Trip feels better….maybe whatever Josh had was a virus. Blame your brother.

  2. JP

    Don’t blame your brother … If it wasn’t for me that kid’s immune system may never develop. But I am sorry he got it. If it’s what I had I know how miserable he was.

  3. Cindy

    Amy, I feel so, so sorry for you. I hope the rest of you guys didn’t get it. It’s terrible when your kids are sick, I can’t imagine not being at home and having to travel with a sick kid.

    You look great in that picture. I love the color of the dress!

  4. kelly

    i didn’t know rachie-face was getting married. you will have to fill me in on him and where they met and all when we talk again. and know that traveling could always be worse. the trip we took to japan during our seminary days…wow- picture this…2 tickets, one mommy, one daddy, one 9 month old baby boy. mommy unknowingly pregnant. daddy very knowingly airsick for all 25 hours of the flights. baby boy so overhydrated (wouldn’t take a pacifier from birth, so we had to give him a bottle of something during every take-off, landing, and bit of turbulence) that he vomited and had diarrea for the last 14 hours of the final flight into tokyo. it pretty much amounted to me flying with a toddler and a newborn, but both were sick from lexington to tokyo. i seriously considered leaving them in japan and coming home and starting from scratch. these days, i am just enjoying the “simplicity” of doing it all by myself with 3 before the 4th arrives in a few months… :o)

  5. Helgrenfam

    Hey Amy!
    It was crazy to see Rachel on your blog! Been a long time since I have seen her! You look AWESOME and it is great to catch up with you through your blog! Have a great day!
    Love, Joy Helgren (King)


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