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about a month ago, Quinn and i were talking about his baby brother. about how he is growing in my belly and that my belly will get bigger as the baby grows.

i was watching t.v. with my feet propped up on the bed that afternoon waiting for the time when we have to leave to pick Trip up at the bus stop. Quinn had been hanging out with me in my room. at some point, he left my room and went downstairs. after a few minutes of being gone, he came back in and looked like this (dude… that belly is HUGE):

he had a rubber ball stuffed under his shirt! i was totally cracking up! i also got this video (please disregard clothes piled up in the floor. they are the ones i could no longer wear, but hadn’t put away):

in comparison… here i am at 27 weeks:

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  1. nikki

    Very very cute.. looks like quality Mom and Quinn time now that Trip's at school. Have fun in Chicago.


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