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Quinn in the van on the way home from the sitter’s house the other day…

Q: “Hey Mom, I hope me, you, and Dad, and Trip all go to Heaven at the same time!”

(my silent thoughts: “dude, not me. that would mean one really tragic accident. that would be terrible!! i hope i go to Heaven WAY before you!”

He continued a few seconds later:

Q: “I don’t want to go to Heaven because you can’t take pets with you. I want to take Penguin and Giraffey with me when I go to Heaven!”

Me: “Maybe God will have some brand new pets when you get to Heaven. Maybe a new Penguin and a new Giraffey. “

Q: “YAY! I do want to get a new Penguin and Giraffey in Heaven!!”

He has also said on many occasions that he can’t wait to get to Heaven and give God a really big hug! Love that boy!!

and by the way, we don’t have any live pets. here he is with his favorites… Penguin and Giraffey…

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  1. Gram

    Love that sweet smile and his desire to go to heaven. Just not until after we are both gone many many years.


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