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I know… it’s been a long time since I’ve posted. We’ve been busy, I’ve been getting fatter, and work is insane (yes, I only work 4 hours a day… but with this job, that is enough to send me over the edge). So… here is a taste of what we’ve been up to…

We took the boys Roller Skating for the first time ever last month with our church’s children’s ministry “Family Night”. It was way too hard for Quinn (and for me being 5 months pregnant and trying to literally hold him up and pull him around the rink). I’m not sure if he even completed 2 full laps around before his skates came off. Therefore, we have no pics of him. It was pretty hard for Trip, too, but he got a little better as the evening went on. We switched from standard skates to roller blades about 1/2 way through. I found some coupons for free skating lessons for 45 minute on Saturday mornings at the same rink. Trip seemed excited about the idea. One of these weekends, I’m going to take him over. Here are a couple of pics:

We also took the boys bowling for the first time a couple of weeks ago. We have a great bowling alley about 15 minutes away that is smoke free! They also have automatic bumpers that come up if you mark that you need them when you get your lane. And… they have these metal ramp things that the kids can just set their ball on and then push if the ball is too heavy for a standard roll. LOVE IT!! Trip, my perfectionist/uber competitive child, didn’t have a lot of fun… or so it seemed. When his ball didn’t fly down the lane and give him a strike on his first try, he pretty much pouted the rest of the time. We tried different ways for him to get the ball down faster (granny style, standard roll, ramp), but none of them worked the way he wanted them to. Quinn, on the other hand, had a blast. He used the ramp everytime. He would get his own ball from the ball return and carry it over to the ramp himself. He wasn’t exactly knocking down a ton of pins either, but his second child nature allowed him to enjoy the experience no matter the outcome. He did, in the end, outscore his big brother by 3 pins (but don’t tell Trip that). Here are a few pics (i had a better smiling pic of the two of them together, but I thought this one better captured their thoughts on the afternoon):

We also had a nice (though unbelievably brief) visit from my good friends Rachel, Ben, & Ella Jackson! Ben and Rachel are on staff with Campus Crusade and were in Colorado for a couple of months this summer for classes. They stopped here for a visit on the way home. Poor Ella and Rachel got sick just as they were leaving CO, so their trip was not exactly on schedule. They ended up arriving late on a Friday night and Ben left about 11 hours later to continue the drive back to Georgia. Rachel had decided 1/2 way here that she & Ella could not be in the car another 10 hours after they made it to St. Louis, so they booked a flight and flew home on Saturday evening. The stay was way too short, but I loved being able to see them! Trip and Quinn really liked having Ella around. They both wanted to hold her and let her play with their mega block legos. I hate it that I didn’t get any pics with Rachel (since I don’t get too see her often), but I loved this one of Trip and “baby Ella”.

more to come soon…. be on the lookout for a post about a conversation I had with Quinn about Heaven and Trip’s super fun Homework….

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