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The first day:

Trip got to choose whatever he wanted for breakfast today… his BIG day! He chose donuts! Thanks to his Daddy for going to Schnuck’s early this morning! (and… such the great dad that he is… Trip requested a chocolate donut with sprinkles. schnuck’s didn’t have any with sprinkles, so Chuckie bought some and put them on Trip’s donut at home. now that is love!) He got a shower and got dressed in the shirt/shorts he picked out all by himself for his Kindergarten debut. Then… it was almost bus time. Here he is walking to the bus (we made it a family adventure).

then we waited at the bus stop:

then the bus came:

After he rode away on the bus, we walked back to the house, got in our cars and headed to school to meet him. Chuck followed the bus to see the route. When he arrived, a teacher got on the bus and handed stickers to all the kids so they would know what bus slot they should return to after school (mainly so the staff on bus duty would make sure every kid got on the right bus). They dismissed by grade, oldest (5th grade) first. The Kindergarteners held hands and walked to the Kindergarten hall together. Here is my video montage of the walk-in. The boy on Trip’s left (gray shirt) is Avery. He rides his bus and is in his class.

Here he is with his teacher, Mrs. Corbitt. He really liked her a lot! Our initial interaction with her was great. And the two teachers we know (from church) that work at his school rave about her.

and finally… here is my biggest boy… smiling as he comes off the bus! i was so very happy to see him!

I can’t believe you are already big enough to be in Kindergarten. I want you to know how very proud of you I am. I will be praying for you everyday while you are at school. Praying that you will show the love of Jesus to your classmates and to your teachers. I pray you will grow in knowledge, self-confidence, and in maturity this year and every year at school. I love you so much, baby!


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  1. Gram

    I can't believe you are big enough to go to school, Trip. I pray that you will be safe and continue to love to learn. I love you school kid!

  2. amy

    connie… that commercial is so cute!! love it!! and… way to go on finally signing up for a blogger account!


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