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Trip’s first day at Kindergarten was also a big day for Quinn. When we met Trip’s bus at school and were waiting for the unload, Quinn really wanted to stand on the steps for a picture. I let him…. why not?!?

‘Aunt’ Chris said he acted a little whiny/funny a couple of times today. She thinks that he was missing his big brother. After all, everywhere he goes (Chris’s house, preschool, church, etc.), Trip is always there, too. After I picked him up today, we made some special “Celebrate Trip’s first day” cookies for Trip to have when he got home. (THANKS to the Great Liz Wagner for the idea.)

placing the reece’s pieces on the cookies

watching our creations bake

Quinn told me that he missed Trip today. I told him that when Trip got off the bus, he should tell him that he missed him and give him a big ol’ hug. He did just that! It was incredibly sweet. Of all the things that happened today, seeing this hug and seeing my big kid get off the bus today were the events that actually got me a little choked up. I’m so glad that my kids (for now, at least) LOVE each other so much!!!

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  1. Gram

    Yeah Quinn! I was worried about you today too. I am glad that your mama made it a special day for you too. Just wait a couple of years and you will be going with Trip to school.


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