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Last Wednesday, Trip was eating an apple at lunchtime and told Mimi that his tooth was hurting. She looked at it and noticed that it was pretty loose. He was so excited and could not stop wiggling it with his tongue. He wiggled it the rest of that day and kept coming to us to check and “See how loose it is now!!!!!”. When I went to work the next morning, I told him not to lose it while I was gone. When I got home from work, for the next hour, he asked me to check it at least 3 times. Then, he was outside playing with Quinn and Mimi. He ran back inside calling me. I took one look and saw a bloody mouth with a little running down his chin. The poor tooth was hanging by a strand. While outside, Mimi said, “that tooth is so loose, your Daddy will probably be able to pull it out when he gets home.” Instead of waiting, Trip reached in and yanked the thing out himself!!! CRAZY!! Who does that? Most kids are freaked out about a tooth actually being pulled out. After I wiped his mouth a little bit, I reached in and pulled it the rest of the way out.

Trip was so excited, he grinned from ear to ear for the next couple of hours. We called Pawpaw and did a video chat with Gram & Grandpap about 10 minutes later so they could see it for themselves! You gotta love Skype!! I didn’t have anything to put the tooth in so the Tooth Fairy could find it under his pillow. I ended at Target buying a baby blue felt electric guitar shaped gift card holder. It had a small pocket on the back that worked perfectly for a stand in tooth pillow.

Here are a few pics from our memorable 1st tooth loss (you can click on them individually to see them larger):
the Tooth Fairy is still paying for teeth! What does she do with all those little teeth anyway??

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  1. Julie Shaw

    What a way to start kindergarten, toothless!! tell him congratulaitons and Austin is going to want to take a look! He can't wait to loose his teeth!!


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