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We made a trip up to the Iowa City, Iowa area over Memorial Day weekend to visit the Willis family! It’s always good to see our old friends!

We also got to meet a new friend… Baby Tana! Chuck, Quinn, and I all held her a good bit. Once when Tana was crying, Quinn found me and said, “Mom, baby Tana wants me to hold her!” So cute!! Trip was more interested in playing with Ally than hanging with the baby. (Hope that mindset changes when his baby brother or sister arrives on the scene in 6 months or so.)

The highlight of the trip was going to ‘Grandpa Charlie’s’ farm (Brenda’s dad) on Saturday night.

The kids LOVED running up a mud hill, riding the four wheeler, and looking at the cows. We had a bonfire cookout of hotdogs & s’mores and all the fixin’s. And then Brenda opened up a cooler and commented on all of the eggs. When I asked what the eggs were for, Brenda looked at me like I was crazy and said, “For throwing at the trees (of course)!!”. Sorry B, but I’m thinking I should have been the one looking at you like you were crazy!!! It sure did get a big laugh out of me, though! (not sure if this is a Klaassen thing, and Iowan thing, or just a farmer thing, but the kids absolutely loved it! Huh-larious!

After the bonfire festivities were complete, we headed back to the house for a birthday party for Ally & Drew’s cousin Kaylee who had turned 4 that week.

So good to spend the weekend with dear friends that we truly miss! Thanks for letting us visit!!

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  1. Gram

    Great pictures! Brenda, where did the egg throwing thing come from? When I was a kid the really bad kids threw eggs at houses or cars on Halloween, but I never heard of “egging” a tree.


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